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The first and most important is a visual inspection. Take the device in your hands, examine it, are there chips, bends, a whole glass of the display, what is inside the charging connector? Then the most frequent problems that the primary diagnosis reveals:

IPhone does not turn on, there is no reaction to charging: see the lightning port, often there is a millimeter of three stuffed dust, the connector does not come to the end, the phone does not charge, and so on.

It turns on, there is a vibration, there is a welcome sound, but there is no picture; if the display is broken, then everything is clear, if the display is visually intact, but the picture still does not exist, while turning on the phone, look carefully at the center, is there an outline of the apple? If the apple is barely visible, then the problem is with the backlight. Either the backlight driver, or the display backlight.

In the case of the backlight driver (in fact, it can be a backlight diode, or simply a short-circuit of the 25V backlight capacitor), prepare for a not very pleasant BGA soldering hairdryer or infra, if it flies out the backlight on the display, then simply replace him.

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It turns on, does not charge, to replace the bottom cable, if it does not help, put a known good battery and try again, it will not help, change TRISTAR, on iPhone 6 and on, you need to change the tigris (TIGRIS). These operations are also not the most pleasant, you need to work carefully, remove the chips immediately, as soon as you realize that the solder under them swam, do not pull, it is likely to overheat the underside of the board (at 5S under three hundred, for example, a modem, you do not want IMEI is gone after the repair charge).

At this point, you can also include all sorts of suspicious charging modes, charging with too little current or too much, charging with jumps, the iPhone is charged only when turned on. Remember, if the problem with charging, you always need to dig in the direction of TRISTAR and its attendants. Tristar, by the way, is engaged not only in charging, but also in input-output via USB bus and in lightning.

Any problems of non-working accessories.
No sound, no camera, no vibration, or other vital non-essential functions. Most of it is a faulty binding (speakers, vibration, microphones, camera loops, front sensors), change it, if it does not help, open google, a lot of useful information can be obtained on gsmforum, or on the English Internet for iphone 5 no camera solution and pr. Important: do not run jumper over the board, if someone wrote on the Internet just make a jumper, think with your own head before taking the soldering iron into your hands. Finished solyushki from the Internet tend not to work.

The body is a brick. Everything works, except the board
Excellent! You have a full set of spare parts for an iPhone, but seriously, start with the schemes. Schemes for apples are searched here iphone schematic boardview first – PDF files pages per hundred, second – very convenient graphical schemes, click on the item, and the program can tell what it is and what is connected. If you are not superman and do not have x-ray vision, then a boardwire, in general an indispensable thing.

You never know where the next condenser’s leg goes. Before opening the circuit, it is possible for luck to walk through the multimeter-wire through the largest capacitors on the board (MUST DISCONNECT THE POWER BOX BEFORE THIS), find what is ringing; on this line, the closure, open the borderview, the circuit, and look for what could go into the closure. Microcircuits are closed rarely, in all as a rule the condenser is guilty, which you evaporate last.

Make a measurement of the resistance on the main board power lines, write them down, try to turn on the board, apply 4V voltage from the laboratory PSU to the battery contacts, run the board with a USB stick or button.

Pay attention to power consumption. During the load, for example, 5 / 5S / 5C can consume from 200 mA to 900 mA, this is its normal currents. If you saw that there is a huge current somewhere, immediately disconnect the circuit from the power source, feel touch the board for hot items. Prepare pure ethyl alcohol (99%), lower the voltage of the power source to 3V, pour alcohol on one side of the board and apply voltage to it, pay attention to the current, the current in 1A is enough to allow alcohol around the first heated element.

Once you have found the culprit, unplug the power and start replacing. Attention! This method only deals with abnormally heated elements, the phone’s processor can operate at a temperature above the tolerance threshold of a person, it does not need to be soldered
Have you changed the behavior of the board for the better? She began to turn on, but something is wrong? Try to run it until the lock screen appears, tell the client about the successful start and specify if you need to back up the data, always make backups, even if you are sure that everything will go 100% good.

Where can I get schemes for iPhones?
For a deep diagnosis, you need a motherboard circuit, without it you can very long guess the function of the elements and their modes of operation. Where to get the schemes? Schemes for iPhones have long been found on the open spaces of the network, despite the fact that the distribution of schemes is an illegal act. Unfortunately, we can not tell you where exactly you can take the scheme for iPhones.
Is it possible to repair iphone from you?
Yes, you can. We are in Cincinnati, find the address and contacts of our repair shops for iPhones on the contacts page. We do not accept repair of the device by mail (yet), you need a personal presence of the owner of the phone when transferring to repair and receipt.

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The price of diagnostic iPhone
In our service, the diagnosis of iPhone is free in all cases, except for devices that come into contact with water. The fact is that the phones are rather difficult to diagnose and repair after the water. Diagnosis after water means cleaning the device from moisture, its traces, oxides. In fact, to diagnose an iPhone after the water is to do half the work. Therefore, for the diagnosis of drowned people, we take money. The cost can be specified by phone (it varies from the current download of the masters)

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