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We are glad to welcome you on the site. This page is devoted to a very relevant topic – the repair of cell phones. On the website you will not find a description of repairing cellular phones at home. The reason for this is the complexity of the technological process of repairing cellular phones.

The nature of the failure often requires not only the availability of test, soldering equipment, but also the knowledge of the structure of the cell phone and the ability to make diagnostics.

Do not attempt to repair the phone yourself if you do not have the required qualifications and experience in repairing cell phones. Often, trying to eliminate the failure of the phone yourself, you run the risk of causing even greater harm to the device. Let’s give a simple example, which clearly shows what can be encountered in the “self-treatment” of the phone.

In our service center entered the iPhone after the impact (the average price of the device in the stores of the city is $ 500). The owner of the phone did screen replacement himself and changed the glass. The iphone did not turn on, although its owner claimed that after the impact the phone turned on and even showed the display with slight distortion.

Preliminary diagnosis showed:

the battery is completely discharged
in the phone consumption 30mA
the charge does not pass
the phone does not connect with the computer (does not pass Check)

Before opening the phone, it is necessary to conduct preliminary diagnostics, which will avoid further ill-considered actions. According to the diagnosis, you can immediately assume that the problem is in the charging loop. But that’s why the phone has a problem with consumption? You can answer this question only after external examination of the internal components of the phone and if it is necessary to open it.

When parsing the phone, I immediately encountered a problem – the inner sides of the bolts were torn off, the absence of the top pair of bolts. External examination showed:
– charging loop damaged
the connector on the board is damaged (torn tracks)
crack on the filter SIM (R388), hence the consumption in the phone
wrong sequence of phone assembly
the camera cable is torn (the camera works in two color palette)
Scanning on an oscilloscope: A working board other than the SIM responsible unit.
Checking the card on the tester: The track of the connector tracks has been made (the tracks are to be restored) and the buttons are blown on the display line (button 5 is not called).

Here is the sad result of the “self-treatment” of the phone without the necessary knowledge of the structure of the phone, without certain skills, without the use of special equipment. Repair Cellular  phones is first of all qualified personnel with knowledge of their business. In the company Electronics Repir Cincinnati, each master specializes only on a specific phone model. Cellular repair, without certain skills is not possible.

The results of diagnostics were presented to the owner of the phone, and with it the final cost of repairing the phone:
Replacing the display. The display was originally with the marriage, although it will not be possible to return it back since it was bought from the hands for $ 200.

Electronics Repair cincinnati

The total cost of repairing the phone was $ 400. At the same time, the owner of the device paid $ 200 for the display.
I think that this example clearly shows that the repair of cellular, you need to trust a professional in their field. Initially, it was possible to avoid unforeseen expenses. We have more than eight years successfully engaged in the repair of cell phones in Cincinnati.

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