Problems with the screen. Replacing the display on your phone / tablet

A broken screen on the phone (or tablet) is the most popular problem with which customers turn to our service. And no wonder, because the material of the screen is glass. And it does not matter if it’s hot, or gorilla glass. As practice shows, everything is broken. Yes, and the phone, if it falls, then necessarily glass down.

The main problems with the screen on the phone
Cracked the top glass
The sensor does not work
Problems with the display matrix
No backlight
Why does the display module change?
How quickly can I replace the screen?

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1. Cracked the top glass
At the same time, the crack on the top glass on the screen went, the touch screen continues to respond to touch, the image on the display without spots and broken pixels. The most common case. But it is not always possible to replace broken glass separately. More on this later in the article >> modular replacement.

2. The sensor does not work
Outwardly, no cracks can be seen, but the touch screen (it’s the touchscreen) does not work. In this case, a part of the screen may not react to pressing, the sensor can not operate at the point of touch or not work at all. There are a lot of reasons for this – the phone was dropped and the chip in the touchscreen glass was formed, the trail from the glass,

In 99% of cases, when the sensor does not work, the problem is solved ONLY by replacing it. Often you can hear the opinion that something may have departed or need to be corrected. No, that will not help. Just change the touchscreen.

3. Problems with the display matrix
The picture on the screen is, but it is visible only if you look at the light. The display is not fully lit (although the touch buttons can be highlighted when the power button is pressed). What can be:

After the fall: broken pixels, colored bars, dark spots, a white screen or a picture is barely visible, the image “ripples” or “meerhytit.” All this is the result of mechanical impact on the display matrix. Maybe the phone did not even fall, but was crushed in a jeans pocket or in a bag.
After the water. After moisture has entered the phone, stains or stains may appear on the display. To remove them, you need to repackage a complex system of light-scattering films inside the screen. This is not done on every phone.

4. No backlight
After entering the moisture inside the phone, the lighting circuits can be deflected. It’s bad if it’s the LEDs inside the screen. Not every display has the ability to reach them. In this case, you have to change the screen completely.
The coil burned in the backlight circuit or the voltage inverter chip. In this case, the problem is already with the motherboard and there is no relation to the display of the phone. Need a diagnosis to know exactly the cause of the problem.
no backlight

Why do I need to change the display module?
Even if only the top glass is cracked, and the sensor and display function normally. The fact is that the design of most modern displays is arranged so that the glass, touch panel and matrix are one part. Therefore, you have to completely replace the display module assembly. This affects the cost of parts, and hence the repair of the phone as a whole. Specify the wizard, whether you can change the touchscreen separately or you need to change the module, while indicating the exact model of the smartphone or tablet.

Demand creates supply, and in many workshops it is proposed to replace separately broken glass on the screen (or touchscreen). This can be done not on all models of phones, and not always cost-effective. Sometimes the replacement of glass will cost almost as much as the replacement of the module, especially in budget smartphones and the middle class. On expensive phones, where the screen module itself costs a lot of money (usually it’s Amoled type displays), it’s almost impossible to replace the glass separately because of the fragility of the display matrix. It all depends on the phone model. Fide out more on Google maps.

Screen replacement times

In the first place for us is quality. And on many phone models the screen is glued to a special glue-sealant, which dries about 10 hours. That is, if you make repairs qualitatively, you need at least a day, so that the screen is well adhered and with it there were no problems in the future. There are services where the display is glued to a double-sided adhesive tape. The problem is that in modern phones very narrow frames and scotch simply does not hold. As a result, the screen is peeled off, there are lights on the sides (especially visible in the dark).

Plus there is an elementary load of masters, time for checking and stuff. But once again, we are interested in changing the screen qualitatively and quickly at the same time. Terms as well as price are agreed individually, usually it is not more than 1-2 working days.

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