Why the iPhone slows down and how it can be accelerated

Find the reason, fix it in a couple of clicks and enjoy the fast work of the iPhone.

To understand that your iPhone has become slower is quite simple. They slow down the animation of the desktops, open applications and games for a long time, and on the whole the smartphone is slowing down. The reasons for this are also simple.

Why the it brakes and how to fix iPhone
1. You just installed a new version of iOS
Do not rush to scold your iPhone for sluggishness immediately after the update. The system needs some time to index all the files, delete the cache, and also optimize its work and applications. The smartphone will slow down a bit, heat up and discharge faster than usual – this is normal.

Actually, there’s nothing to correct. You just need to wait. Ideally updated in the evening and leave the iPhone on charge at night, so that iOS did all its business.

2. The disc is almost full
Filling the built-in drive to the limit can also be a reason for slowing down the iPhone. No matter how productive a smartphone is, the system will inevitably work more slowly if there are several free megabytes left on the disk.

Why the iPhone is slow: The disk is almost full What to do if the iPhone is slow: clean the storage

Eliminate this problem is simple. It’s enough to delete something unnecessary or to reset the photo and video to your computer or save it to the cloud. Starting from iOS 11, it’s easy to clear free space directly on the smartphone from the “iPhone Storage” menu, which is located in the “Basic” settings section.

3. You updated, but did not install iOS from scratch
Another reason for the brakes may be accumulated garbage and bugs from previous versions of iOS. This usually happens if you update the device several years in a row, rather than perform a clean installation.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to rotate the update with a clean install and sometimes flush the iPhone through iTunes without restoring from a backup. It’s best to save the backup copy just in case. At least in iCloud.

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