Why the iPhone slows down and how it can be accelerated part 2

4. The old device includes visual effects
In modern iOS, there are many more visual effects and animations than in earlier versions. In new devices, they have no effect on performance, but in older devices the same slowdown can occur.

What to do if the iPhone slows down: turn off animations in universal access Increase the contrast

The problem is solved by switching off effects, transparency and animations. To do this, open the “Settings” → “General” → “Universal access” and in the item “Increase the contrast” toggle switches “Reducing transparency” and “Darkening colors”.

In the same place, in the “Universal Access” menu, you need to find the item “Reducing traffic” and include the same toggle switch in it.

5. Content update is enabled
The usability enhancement feature of the background content update can also cause a slowdown by loading the processor with tasks, even when the iPhone screen is locked. Turning it off, you can slightly improve performance.

It stops iPhone: turn off the content update If the iPhone is slow, turn off the content update

To do this, open “Settings” → “General” → “Update content” and disable the appropriate toggle switch. It’s simple.

6. You use the minimum required device for the current iOS
Apple supports its devices for as long as possible, releasing software updates even for those who have been for several years. To ensure that the old iPhone is not slowed down, developers are optimizing iOS. But sometimes this is not enough.

Therefore, if your iPhone is minimally necessary to upgrade to the new version of iOS, the best solution is to stay on the current one. For example, for iOS 11, this device is iPhone 5s.

7. You just think
However paradoxical it may sound, the drop in iPhone performance can often be only a psychological effect. Knowing that a new, faster iPhone came out, we start to think that our old and still good smartphone is slower.

It’s just a self-suggestion.

If none of the above does not work, it makes sense to try to reset the iPhone to factory settings. The easiest way to proceed in order: first try to reset the network settings, then all the settings, well, after completely erasing the device.

Before this, of course, you need to backup all the data in iTunes or via iCloud. For consulting you can visit our service Electronics Repair in Cincinnati.

If this does not work, then the last method described in the third section of this article remains: clean iOS installation via iTunes and setting up the iPhone as a new device without restoring from a backup.

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