IPhone 4S screen replacement

Some iPhone owners are familiar with the unpleasant situation when an expensive device is poisoned by a careless movement of the hand in a free flight and after that an unsightly spiderweb of cracks remains on the screen. If you do not know where to fix iPhone 4, this article is for you!

Choose a new display

Some craftsmen advise simply to put a new display from the usual “four”. But this is hardly possible, since it has other contacts, not like on the 4S model. Therefore, it is better to purchase a display specifically for this iPhone.

When buying a new screen it is important to make sure that the spare parts do not differ from the original. Whether it is not enough what manufacturers from absolutely other firm have brought in standard mechanisms. By the way, if the owner of the damaged device does not have experience in disassembling the iPhone, it is recommended to purchase a special set of screwdrivers, two plastic grippers, a suction device and a small pair of tweezers to the replacement screen.

How to repair iphone screen: repair process

Contacts of the loop are neatly tucked away, and the screen is removed. Use one of the screwdrivers to unscrew the small clips from the bottom, near the speakers. Another screwdriver detaches the remaining parts.

When parsing the iPhone, it is better to use the instructions with photos that can be found on the Internet. With them, the whole process will be much easier and faster. Also there is no risk that after the assembly there will be “extra” details.

Every detail and bolt is better laid out on the leaves, which will be marked chronological order of disassembly in the form of cells. On average, the layman will take about three hours. In general, this is a simple matter, since the design is very well thought out and at some stage it will even seem that the Lego designer understands.

After disconnecting all the closest parts to the display, it is withdrawn. Now the main thing is not to forget to remove the button “Home” from the cracked part and put it in a new place. A serviceable screen is applied to the case and six side and four corner fastenings are fixed. It remains only to deliver the camera and the module for Wi-Fi. By the way, the grid on the speaker can not be worn, as when falling and damaging the glass, it will almost certainly be spoiled. In the device it does not play a special role and from the side it will not be much appreciable that on iPhone there is no grid on the dynamics. To buy it separately, unfortunately, is unlikely to work.

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After all the work, press the power button and wait for the device to start up normally. If everything went well, then you can enjoy a brand new screen on the iPhone.

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