Features of Apple’s iPhone repair

As for the electrical repair of the printed circuit board, the situation here is even more complicated. Microminiaturization technologies used in Apple make such repairs impossible without the use of special tools and a microscope. At the same time, most electrical components and chips are filled with a special epoxy resin (compound). This increases their reliability, but reduces maintainability.

iphone screen replacement

And if such a chip is still out of order, then its replacement is a painstaking work to remove the compound and restore the conclusions of the microcircuits. Considering that some microcircuits have from 25 to 300 pins, this work even in skillful hands takes more than one hour.

When working with the iPhone without using covers or protective films, scratches or scuffs inevitably appear on the display surface. Dropping their iPhone, every owner rightly worries about what might crack the screen. Of course, the cracked screen from the iPhone is now in fashion and even different covers and films with the image of similar effect are sold. However, the real cracked display of the iPhone is not always safe for an expensive sensor element, which is very closely associated with the display.

What should we do in the event of an incident?
If all the same, there was a nuisance and you need urgent repair of iPhone glass or replacement of the display, then in such a situation it is possible to do the self-replacement of the glass.

So, to replace the glass from the iPhone you need to perform the following difficult steps:

Unscrew the lower screws;
Slide the back cover up;
Unscrew the screw and detach the connector;
Carefully remove the battery (it is glued);
Extract the vibration element;

Unscrew the bolts and disconnect the cable;
Unscrew the screws and remove the frame;
Unplug the cable and remove the camera;
Disconnect all loops;
Make sure that the tray where the sim card is located is removed;
Unscrew the bolts and remove the motherboard;
Remove the speaker (aerial);

Extract the conversational speaker;
Remove the charging connector;
Unscrew all screws around the perimeter;
Gently pull up the display and remove the “HOME” button;
Carefully continue disconnecting the display.
All of these points need to go also in the reverse order, when you collect the iPhone. Thus, repairing a glass iPhone can not be a difficult task if you have special tools and patience available.

Where to turn?
But what to do with the fragile, defenseless girl who does not know anything about technology? For this purpose, there is one of the most highly qualified service centers of Electronics Repair in Cincinnati, which are engaged in the repair of telephones. The specialists of the service center are famous for their skill in all types of troubleshooting, including on the display of mobile devices. The Electronics Repair Center has been working in this direction for 10 years and during this time is characterized by quality repairs, guarantees and, of course, receives feedback from satisfied customers.

Repair at home or in a service center?
If you have problems with the sensor or display, then, without hesitation, repair the iPhone glass trust it to specialized masters. After all, at home, when you try to repair or change the glass from the iPhone, anything can happen, due to carelessness, for example, since the parts and trails of the mobile device are very fragile. And in the service center, the specialist always has at hand a necessary tool or part to fix the error or make a replacement.

After repair, the iPhone is always tested. A warranty is given for repairs.

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