Broken glass in the iPhone / iPad

iPhone – one of the most popular “apple” devices. It is attractive for its functionality, convenience, reliability and respectable design. For all its advantages, this device, unfortunately, can break. Most often the screen beats. But the case can suffer as well. Even a protective glass and a cover do not help.

Why does the glass break the iPhone?
There are a lot of reasons that cause the iPhone to break glass. But most often the following situations occur:

“Apple” device fell on the asphalt, curb, a ladder of stone, etc .;
On the screen inadvertently put a heavy object. From this he just burst;
The glass cracked due to a sharp temperature drop. This usually occurs in winter;
The iPhone hit the dog’s mouth;
The device was in the hands of children who began to throw it like a ball;

The smartphone is operated under extreme conditions.
Broken glass: what to do?
Do not panic, see on our website. Any malfunction can be eliminated. Broken glass is no exception. Just need to find an intelligent wizard. It will replace both the glass and the display. These two elements are assembled.
This breakage is not a warranty case, so it will not be possible to replace the damaged iPhone with a whole one. However, if you have a desire to get a new device, you should know that a good discount can be provided in the company’s service center.

Preparatory work before changing glass
Before the broken glass of the “apple” device is replaced with a new one, the following manipulations are performed:
1. The screen is removed. It removes the cable, acoustic speaker, frame, button “Home”.
2. The plastic frames are removed, by means of which the display and the body of the device are interlocked.
3. Remove the suspension.

Thinness of glass replacement for iPhone
The fragments are separated from the sensor part by a special device called a separator. The operating temperature is 80 degrees. Then the disassembled screen is connected to the phone and its operability is checked. If it works, then the dried sticker is removed from the display. For this, a special liquid and a scraper are used.
Further on the matrix is ​​applied ultraviolet adhesive. After it spreads a little, a new oleophobic glass is installed on the matrix. At the final stage, the frame is glued and the backlight is installed.

Whom should I entrust to replace the glass?
At first glance, it may seem that replacing the glass in the “apple” smartphone is not difficult. However, in fact, this process has some peculiarities. Each of our master knows them perfectly. Therefore, ask for help specifically to him. It will return your iPhone’s original functionality and luxurious appearance. He has all the required equipment, tools and spare parts for this.

The glass broke the iPad
The glass installed on the iPad is made using a special technology. It can withstand more than 200 million clicks. However, some users even break this glass.

Why can the glass break in the iPad?
In most cases, the glass in the iPad is broken as a result of the following reasons:
• The “Apple” device fell from a height, it was hit or subject to some other mechanical damage.
• The iPad was heavily deformed. For example, you put it in the back pocket of trousers, forgot about it and sat down on a chair. As a result of such actions, a large transverse crack usually appears.
• Careless handling of the machine. In some cases, the sensor works even when the screen is broken. However, this is extremely inconvenient and ugly.

What should I do if the glass is broken in the iPad?
If the glass on the iPad crashed, do not get discouraged. This is not the worst thing that could happen with your “apple” apparatus. A similar problem is solved. The main thing is to contact the master, who has all the necessary equipment, tools and original spare parts.

Stages of replacement of glass in iPad
The process of replacing broken glass on the iPad proceeds in several stages:
1. Carefully remove old damaged glass. For this special thermo equipment is used. It is important not to damage the plumes of peripheral components and the antenna of Wi-Fi.
2. The correctness of the device is checked. It is important to know how all buttons work, the camera, whether there is a sound, an image, etc.
3. The inside of the body is scrupulously cleaned. Remove the old glue and apply a new adhesive layer (around the perimeter of the iPad in places where it contacts the glass).
4. A new glass is put. Compressed air is used. It is thanks to him that it is possible to prevent dust from getting between the glass and the display. To ensure that the new glass adheres well to the body, heat treatment is carried out.

If the housing is damaged
If the case of the iPad is damaged (dents or chips in the places where the glass is attached), then before the glass is replaced, the device is completely disassembled and the metal body is straightened. If you do not perform this manipulation, then the new glass will not “stand” in the case.

Who knows how to properly change the broken glass in the iPad?
To replace the glass in the iPad, contact our service center.

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