Battery replacement in iPhone

If the battery life in your iPhone is getting worse, or if it does not hold a charge at all, then you can easily replace the iPhone battery with your own. Before you start, remember that after you open the phone, it will no longer be covered by a warranty.

What will be required to replace the iPhone battery (visit our official website)

During the repair you will need:
– actually iPhone;
– crosshead screwdriver;
– A new battery for your device;
– One special screwdriver (so-called “star”);
– A sharp plastic tool that allows to ensure safe contact with the case of the communicator.

Next, we will discuss the items about replacing the iPhone battery.

1. Turn off the iPhone

Even before the beginning of the repair work to replace the iPhone battery, you must turn off your device.

2. Remove the rear cover

With the help of a screwdriver “star” it is necessary to unscrew the screws and set aside. They are exactly the same, so if you confuse them – it’s okay.

Next, you need to gently move the back cover of the device up with your thumb, slightly pressing it with your thumb. After that, it remains only to remove the back cover and set it aside.

3. Remove the battery and earthing clamp

Using a Phillips screwdriver, you need to unscrew a pair of screws that hold the battery in the casing. These are different cogs, so you need to remember where one of them was. The one that is bigger is the main cog.

Near the first screw you can see a small earthing clamp. You will need to use a sharpened tool to remove the clamp. If you do not do this, the clamp can fly away, after which it will be difficult to find. Using a thin sharp tool, gently lift the connector near the bottom of the battery.

Next, you need to remove the battery from the side of the case, where the volume buttons are located. It should be borne in mind that the battery is fixed with glue. And it can sit tight in the case, so you need to be careful, do not press hard on the edges of the case, and do not bend the battery. If one side remains stationary, it is necessary to try to pick it up in other places, while try not to go too close to the keys or to the power connector.

After you get the old battery, you can move on to installing a new one.

4. Replace the battery and install a grounding clamp

You should pay attention to the way the wires are bent, which is located near the battery connector. If in a new battery it has a different shape or is bent differently, then it is necessary to make it identical to the one that is installed in the old battery. Next, you need to install the grounding clamp you removed earlier.

Then you need to install a new battery in the case, then you need to press it down with moderate force to make sure that it is stuck. After that, you need to twist a couple of screws holding the battery with a Phillips screwdriver. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the earthing clamp remains in the correct position. It is likely that during the tightening of the top screw you need to hold the clamp so that it does not come off. Then it remains to tighten the main screw.

5. Install the rear cover

To install the back cover when replacing the iPhone battery, you need to attach it so that the hinges can engage with the body and slide it down. The lid should be exactly in place. After the back cover has precisely become in place and is on the same level with the actual body, it remains to screw the two screws on each side with a screwdriver in the form of an asterisk.

Once the iPhone battery is replaced and the device is fully assembled, it can be turned on. If the phone does not activate, you should try to connect it to the charger and see if the battery indication is visible. It’s possible that your new battery is simply dead.

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